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Reap the benefits of VOIP with Cempilli

Telephony – Unified Communication

From Cloud telephony and VoIP to Unified Communication, the humble telephone system has come a long way since its inception. As today’s businesses rely on effective and efficient communication, telephony has become an integral part in opening the doors of your business to the world.

Cempilli’s service means that you can reap the benefits of VoIP by lowering communication costs and enhancing productivity. Use your existing Internet connection and enjoy low-cost, high-quality, SIP based telephony.

With your existing phone

There is no need to get rid of your analog phone. Simply connect your phone to a SIP capable router or use an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA).
In need of an ATA? Have a look at what we have in stock

With a SIP Phone

If you are already using a SIP phone then you can get started with Cempilli right away without the need for any ATA. You may find a wide selection of basic, mid-range and high-end SIP phones in our shop.

With a smartphone

Use a VoIP app for your iPhone or Android smartphone and you can make calls over the Internet effortlessly.

With a softphone on your PC

Install a softphone on your computer and use a headset or USB headphones to make calls.

Our premium calling features offer you top-notch technology that is easy to use. Here is just a small sample of our rich feature set.

Take your number(s) with you wherever you go:

With Cempilli’s service you can be as flexible and mobile as you want. Answer your business calls on any of your devices be it your laptop, tablet or mobile and never miss another call again. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can call anytime, anywhere.


Quick portability of your number:

We understand what a crucial link to your business identity your number is. For this reason, we offer you the option to port your existing numbers over with us or alternatively, you may select a new one from our range.

Multiple-way calling:

In need of speaking to 2,3,4 or more people simultaneously? With our multiple-way calling feature you can add as many people to your conversation as you wish as long as your bandwidth and phone can support it.

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