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With mobility in the workplace having become part and parcel of the business world, linking your desk phone to your mobile device through an app to stay connected has become all the more essential. Here we offer a comprehensive description of what a softphone app is, we explain its benefits and why it has become so relevant, while we also offer a review of Grandstream Wave – an ideal app for IP voice telephony.

See how to configure your GS Wave app to work with Cempilli SIP account.

As its name implies, a softphone is composed of software rather than hardware and has become a major and necessary component of a VoIP solution. Allowing you to make, receive and manage voice calls over the Internet, softphone apps enable any internet-connected computing device such as computers, tablets, PCs and smartphones to act as a phone and receive a call.
With softphone apps becoming all the more valuable to both remote and office-based employees alike, it is important to have a look at the benefits. The ultimate solution in reducing hardware and any costs associated with it, including cabling requirements and dedicated lines, a softphone app is downloaded directly on your existing devices. Easy to upgrade, in effect, outdated apps can be easily replaced by downloading the latest version which very often comes at no cost. And with a softphones app’s ability of having your business number ring on both your office phone and on your alternative mobile device, you will never miss a call again. What is more, you may enjoy numerous features such as call forwarding, call conferencing and call transferring, voicemail, text, IM and video capabilities, as well as echo cancellation to improve sound quality, to name a few.

Why a softphone app is important

It has become a well-known fact that more and more workforces are going mobile. But as many workers report that working out of the office has become the new norm, this has generated the need for novel technology that can both streamline the hardware they have to carry around with them and lower costs. A softphone app can help achieve both. Not only does it allow users to remain connected to their office VOIP system from any location around the world, it also helps nurture business relationships between teams. Increasing communication flow and efficiency while improving teamwork, a softphone app certainly is the perfect fit for mobility in the workplace.

Grandstream Wave

Based on their functionality, purpose of use, complexity of the protocol they are under and the features offered, there are numerous differences from one softphone app to another. Generally speaking, softphone apps designed for business purposes feature a bulky interface with a rich feature-set full of menus and options. Grandstream Wave is one such app.
Originally launched in 2015 with the aim to enable users to move freely yet continue to receive calls from business or residential SIP accounts, Grandstream Wave is a free softphone which has totally revolutionised workflows as it allows users to make and receive SIP calls over WIFI or 2G, 3G and 4G networks using any Andoird phone or table, as well as iPhones and Ipads. Compatible with numerous third-party SIP-based communication platforms and the Bluetooth functionality of any Android or iOS device, Grandstream Wave supports advanced telephony features such as 6 SIP accounts and up to 6-way audio conference, 24 virtual BLF keys, 2-way video calls, in addition to call transfer, call forward, shared call appearance (SCA), do not disturb, voicemail with message waiting indication and much more. Its ability to natively integrate with the contacts, call-history, as well as ringtones, voice-activated features and more impressively, customisation capabilities like skins and themes, renders the app to act as an extension of your SIP account.
Renowned for its easy functionality and crystal-clear audio and video, Wave for Android and iOS can be downloaded for free directly from the respective app store.

Forget about expensive data plans. Embrace mobility to the max and extend productivity beyond the office space with Grandstream Wave. Stay constantly connected to your SIP accounts anytime, while reducing the number of devices in your office or luggage.

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