Grandstream GXW4216

Multiple Analog VoIP Gateway

Grandstream Analog VoIP Gateway GXW4216

The GXW4200 high-density FXS gateway series enables businesses of all sizes to create an easy-to-deploy VoIP solution that takes advantage of Gigabit speeds. These FXS gateways offer the ability to seamlessly connect multiple locations and all devices within an office to any hosted or on premise IP PBX network to make deployments as easy as possible.

Refer to the Quick User Guide for basic commands and control.

Configure your telephone adapter for the use with Cempilli SIP account


Make sure that your telephone adapter is connected to your network and an analog telephone is plug in it. You could determine the IP address it received by pressing *** on the telephone to enter the IVR (Interactive Voice Prompt) menu and then select the option 02 to get the IP address. The IP will be like this: (example only)



Go to any computer on your network which is equipped with a browser and enter the IP address that you were told by the IVR including the dots. For example:


STEP 3 When the login screen appears, you need to login as ‘admin‘, please input your password (default password: admin) which will log you into the configuration screen. Navigate to MAINTENANCE on the top menu and, once opened, navigate to UPGRADE AND PROVISIONING  on the left side tabs. Here you need to select the HTTP option (a.), change the default value of the Firmware Server path to as shown on the image below (b.) and change the default value of the Configuration Server Path to (c.). Finally, click SAVE AND APPLY (d.) and REBOOT the gateway GXW4216 (e.)


STEP 4 Once the device reboots and you are logged in again, it is now time to configure your SIP account by navigating to PROFILES on the top menu (see the image below). This device supports up to 4 profiles. Select one of them (e.g. Profile 1) (see the image below). 1) Activate account on the top radio button (click next to Yes). 2)  Input you sip server ( if you are using Cempilli services), 3) input your outbound proxy (if any). Finally, click SAVE AND APPLY (4.).

Then, navigate to FXS PORTS on the top menu(see the image below) and to PORT SETTINGS. This product supports up to 16 different SIP accounts. Those accounts can be from different SIP servers linked to a profile (one account per port). In order to configure one account, please 5) input SIP user ID (you will be supplied with this by your SIP provider, in this case, 6) Auth User ID (same as SIP ID), 7) Password (supplied by and 8) Name (Extension name – will show to the other users, typically Name and Surname, but it can also be the extension number followed by an abbreviation of the name (e.g. 555-Mark M.), 9) Link the account to one of the 4 profiles (e.g. Profile 1), 10) Make sure to ENABLE the port, and finally 11) SAVE AND APPLY all the changes.

Once again, navigate to FXS SPORTS on the top menu and click on FXO MAPPING (see the image below). You can assign the already configured lines (SIP accounts)  to the ports. Input the SIP User IDs for each port ( see the image below) (12). and 11) SAVE AND APPLY all the changes.

14) REBOOT the device and you are ready to go. This concludes basic installation.

  • 16 FXS ports
  • 1 Gigabit network port
  • 132×48 backlit graphic display with support for multiples languages
  • 4 SIP server profiles per system, independent SIP account per port
  • Designed and tested for full interoperability with leading IP-PBXs, soft-switches and SIP-based environments
  • Advanced security protection with SRTP/TLS/HTTPS

Deploy the GXW4200 series to allow any businesses to create a cost-effective hybrid IP and analog telephone system that allows them to enjoy the benefits of VoIP communications while preserving investment on existing analog phones, Fax machines and legacy PBX systems.

The GXW4216/24/32/48 are fully compliant with SIP standard and interoperable with various VoIP systems, analog PBX and phones on the market. It features multiple FXS analog telephone ports, superb voice quality, a suite of telephony functionalities, easy provisioning, flexible dialing plans, advanced security protection and strong performance in handling high volume voice calls. The GXW42XX series gateways offers businesses a cost-effective hybrid IP and analog telephone system that allows them to enjoy the benefits of VoIP communications.

Below please find the links to the user guides and more details about this model.

GXW40XX User Manual

Quick Installation Guide

Quick User Guide


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